What to expect

What to expect

Solid Rock began on May 21, 2006 in Buena, NJ. Since then, we’ve been sharing that “with God, our best days are ahead!” One of the gifts that God gives us is other people to journey through life with.  In fact, that’s what the church is supposed to be: a family.  The family of God.

If you are not a part of a church like that, we would love to have you come out this Sunday.  Jesus is alive and at work at Solid Rock! He’s been changing lives, providing for those with needs, healing the sick, repairing broken families, and drawing people’s hearts toward the things of God.

Come out & see first hand what the Lord is doing! I believe that you’ll find Solid Rock to be a place where you can belong, grow spiritually, & make friendships that will last forever.

– Pastor Jim Bradford

What is Solid Rock?
Solid Rock Worship Center is a friendly, contemporary church in Upper Deerfield, NJ.  We are part of the Assemblies of God.

We are unapologetically Christian.
We love Jesus.
We love God’s Word.
And we love people.

Who is Solid Rock for?
Everybody.  Men, women, old & young.  Our congregation is diverse.  Our church is a family made up of people of all ages, races, socioeconomic levels & backgrounds.  You’ll find people who grew up as a Christian & those who are new to “church stuff.”

What could we all possibly have in common?
Jesus has changed our lives.  And now, we are all part of a family that loves God and each other.

That’s why our motto is “A Contemporary, Life-Changing, Christ Centered Church For The Entire Family.”

Why should I care?
God has a special plan for your life.  He wants to fill your life with hope, peace, & purpose!  These things can only come by spending time with Him & being a part of a vibrant church.

Where is Solid Rock?
Solid Rock Worship Center is located in Upper Deerfield, NJ.  We’re just about 10 minutes from the Vineland Super Walmart.

Our Physical address is:
6 Holly Ave
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Click here for directions!

What can I expect to find at Solid Rock?

  • Preaching of God’s Word: The Bible is as relevant for today as it has ever been.  It is the Word of God that changes lives, and the truths from the Bible are foundational for all we do @ Solid Rock.
  • Multimedia:  We use modern technology such as (videos, online Bibles, etc.) during our services.
  • Relevant musical styles: When God is at work in your life, how can you not sing songs of praise to Him?  Music is a powerful thing, & God is most pleased when our worship comes from our hearts.  That’s why our music has a style that connects to the people of today: allowing them to express their love & gratitude to God in a more natural way.
  • Warmth: We strive to make everyone feel welcomed & wanted.  Our church is a family, and our desire is for you to come & be apart of what God is doing @ SR.
  • Children’s Ministry: We all know that kids learn differently than adults.  That’s why each week @ SR, special lessons are prepared to teach children the truths of God’s Word in ways that are relevant & exciting to them.
  • Coffee:  Yes, you just read “coffee.”  What’s better than a fresh ‘cup of Joe?’  How about a fresh ‘cup of joe’ with real people who really care about you?  Available here @ Solid Rock at each & every service!